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    My cursor is barely responding after sleep mode (2009 Macbook Pro)
    Hello. I have been plagued the past couple of days by my cursor not working after sleep mode. I guess you could say, its the very act of left clicking that does not work. I am able to right click all day long but that is about it. When I move the cursor to go into expose, it won't allow me to do so. The physical button on the keyboard for expose responds when I press it but other than that, i can't switch windows. Also, when going to click the "red x" or the "yellow minimize button", they do not respond and also the "x" or "the line" do not appear, they just stay their respective colors. Tried using a USB mouse, rebooting (which only temporarily fixes the problem), and resetting the SMC. Is their anyone who might have had a similar problem and have a fix?

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    Boot your MacBook Pro with the original install recovery DVD that came with it and run Disk Utility from the DVD. Verify the hard drive and also run "Repair Disk Permissions". Let us know what the results are.

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