I was using my laptop as usual and the keyboard just stopped working, tried the trackpad and it was also gone. Used an USB mouse to get to preferences and no trackpad is being recognized by the laptop. I wanted to activate bluetooth to use an external keyboard but no bluetooth device is recognized inside neither.

Rebooted, powered off & on, plugged the MagSafe connector, tried without power and then used the three-prong power cable plugged it into a grounded outlet. No change, keyboard, trackpad and bluetooth are dead.

Last thing I tried was to reset PRAM and NVRAM but when I power it on with the corresponding key combinations nothing changes, it just boots and that's it. I have also noticed that the USB port on the right side of the laptop is dead, the one on the left is still working.

My laptop has never showed any software or hardware issues before and it has always been carefully stored, handled and charged. There was nothing different in the way I was working with it today, as a matter of fact I was typing when everything went dead.

This laptop never showed any issues at all and, as I mentioned, I was working as usual with it. Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.