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    Question USB3 drives

    I searched for answers but couldn't find one - sorry if I'm asking an old chestnut.

    Will a Western Digital "My Passport" USB3 drive work with a MacBook Pro which is USB3 compatible? I would have thought the answer is "yes" but when you go to the WD website and use their product chooser, you can't select the USB3 and Mac options at the same time to produce any drive options...

    WD Product Selector

    Any thoughts please?

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    Any USB 3.0 drive should work with the ports on the new MBP and Air. The only glitch I can foresee would be if the drive were formatted to NTFS as that would require loading a driver on your Mac. One such driver we recommend is "Paragon NTFS" a $19.95 purchase from Paragon Software. Of course you can also reformat a NTFS drive to either FAT-32 or HFS+.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chscag View Post
    Any USB 3.0 drive should work with the ports on the new MBP and Air.
    Thanks for the help. The USB 3 drives are much less expensive then the thunderbolt ones at the moment so that looks like the way ahead...

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