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    Apr 24, 2010
    Macbook air issue
    I have a macbook air, 1.7 i5, 128gb ssd.Still under warranty. I have arrived back home to find it not working.

    Firstly it booted up fine but in the menu bar it say no wifi hardware installed. Couldnt get wifi going so turned mac off then when trying to start it up it will not boot, will do nothing.

    No one is room all day, air on my desk with charger in all day.(as always)

    Battery is fully charged, and when the charger is in, its solid green.

    Any ideas, mac cost me 1100, im freaking out..

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    Oct 07, 2010
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    Off to the Apple store with it.

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    Apr 24, 2010
    It cost me 20 in fuel and 4 parking to get to my nearest apple store. Will they even consider covering that cost.

    Ive never been to the apple store with a hardware problem. Do I have to make an appointment.

    Is there no freephone customer care.

    I also did not buy the air direct from apple, I got it from, is that still ok...

    Sorry for all the questions..

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    The Apple warranty does not cover the cost of fuel and parking, at least here in the US. I can't speak for the UK. It doesn't matter if you purchased it direct from Apple or another store, the warranty is still valid.

    Free telephone support expires after 90 days unless you specifically purchased Apple care which extends that to three years. (Again that's for the US, your coverage may be different in the UK.)

    And yes, it's always a good idea to phone ahead and make an appointment with the Genius bar before taking the machine to them.

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