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    Nov 03, 2009
    ibook g4 not turning on HELPP
    Hello mac geniuses, i require your super knowledge again.

    i have an ibook g4 15" 80gb ibook (sure its 1.33 ram) and its been working hunky dorey untill yester day. i tried turning it on and it wont start. i put the charger in and now have 3 yellow charger dots on the battery so presume the battery is almost charged - when this is the case the charger is orange. i have also taken the battery out and the charger plug goes green/yellow but still doesnt turn on.

    iv tried the command shift key power on and holding power on for 10 seconds but still no joy.

    iv tried searching on the net but cant see anything that helps so decided to come on here and ask for advice.

    the serial code is 4h6170j4se6 not sure if that helps in anyway or not.

    look forward to your replies and hoping my mac can come back to life!!

    Cheers, Vinnie

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    That sounds like a 14" iBook G4 with 1.33Ghz CPU. I have worked on a few. Do you get any sound at all like the DVD drive going click or the hard drive spinning? Any Startup sound or is it totally dead?

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    Nov 03, 2009
    Cheers for the reply. No noise at all

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    Just read this log (below) and pushed the back on I'n the approx area and whammo, it turned on. So logic board needs looking at

    How to fix a broken G4 iBook logic board problem

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