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Thread: Upgrading to ssd

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    Mar 04, 2010
    Upgrading to ssd
    So I just bought a brand spanking new classic 15" MBP and I'm eager to crack it open and install the ssd I also just got in the mail.

    I assume once I install the ssd, that Internet lion recovery thingy will kick in and automatically download and install osx lion onto this new blank ssd, correct? Or do I have to turn the comp on one time with the original hard drive and burn a recovery disk or something?

    Also, will it automatically format the drive for me to HFS+ Journaled? Thanks.

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    Aug 01, 2010
    I did a Time Machine backup onto a usb drive and when i installed the SSD and booted up my MBP for the first time it connected to the internet then after a few minutes it gave me the option to either do a Time Machine Restore or to download Lion from the internet, i think it was called Lion Internet Recovery.
    I installed from a TM backup and it took about 40 minutes. After that everything was running perfectly and mega quick. My 13" MBP boots up to the login screen in about 9 seconds.


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