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    Question Huge noob question: I feel like my mac is not utilizing its full CPU & RAM power.
    Hello, Im wondering if there is an option where I can set the amount of power for a certain operation on my mac, I feel like it may not be utilizing its full capabilities.

    Let me give you my situation;
    My mac specs are:
    Processor 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7
    Memory 8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
    Graphics Intel HD Graphics 3000 512 MB

    Im currently transferring some files between two partitions, on the same external Hard drive.
    (2Tb LaCie drive split in half.)
    It is USB 3.0,
    and it also has it's own plug in power adaptor in order to work.

    Right now, Im transferring the following:
    -282.2GB -16 Hrs
    -13.76GB -34 Min
    -9.05 GB -12 Min

    At this moment, With the following operations up above, my CPU status is displayed as seen here:

    and my Ram displayed as seen here:

    Shouldn't my mac be able to Amp itself Up and rip through this transfer with its CPU capabilities? Or does File transferring have nothing to do with CPU/RAM?
    I understand having multiple transfers at once will slow each one down until they stand alone,
    But I just assumed my mac would be able to rack up all its power and make the transferring faster.

    Could someone please explain?

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    File transfer is BUS speed with Internal drives. USB 3.0 no matter what the specs say is a hog and not efficient at all. Those speeds are fine for USB 3.0.

    The CPU and RAM have nothing to do with your file transfer speeds at all. USB 3.0, Hard drive speed, Bus speed.

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    Ok, I assumed this, but i didn't know for sure.
    To my knowledge, I thought fire wire is the only thing that made a difference, so i said to myself, "No way theres gotta be some settings to make it faster cause i have the power"

    But i guess not :/

    Anyways thanks for letting men now.
    The other files finished and the big one will be done in 6hours.

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    Concurrent file transfers across USB will slow all of them down. Not to mention the hard disks are having to read/write from multiple locations.

    In my experience it's quicker to do separate transfers one after another than trying multiple ones all at the same time.

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