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Thread: iBook Airport drops connection+connection timeout+no networks found

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    iBook Airport drops connection+connection timeout+no networks found
    I recently acquired an ibook that has airport issues. These mainly involve dropping connections on any network it is connected to (I have tried three so far) after about 5-20 minutes of being connected. It can then take 5 minutes to half an hour to get the airport to find any networks, even when I force a restart to try to get it to scan. Every once in a while, I will find a wireless network, but then not be able to connect to it due to a connection timeout issue. This has only happened twice so far today, while the rest of the issues have happened dozens of times. Considering that it occurs to multiple networks, it leads me to believe the issue lies with the software, considering it is still recognized and is able to be used periodically rules out (to me) it being a hardware issue.

    On one of the networks I was on, I even had another iBook G4 able to connect and use it fine. Granted, it was on Panther 10.3.9

    I tried a software update and there were none available.
    My specs are:
    OS X 10.5.8 Leopard
    1.5GB RAM
    60GB hard drive, 47GB Free
    12" model
    Everything else works fine on the iBook, I can connect it to ethernet with no problem.

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    The intermittent drop-outs on any network and everything good on ethernet would point to a faulty wireless card to me. This would explain how to replace it if you go down that route:
    iBook: Installing or Replacing the AirPort Card

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