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    Internal hard disk replacement options
    I have an iBook with an internal 30GB hard disk wich is running low on free space latelly
    What options do I have to upgraded?
    Does apple replace hard disks?
    How do I back up my information or I will lost what I have now?
    Anyone has faced this problem before?

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    i dont have no mac's
    do you use all of your files when you are away from your desk??? if not purchase an external hard drive and then keep all your files there that you dont use when you are 'on the road'

    that is the route i chose when i had my powerbook

    MoTM honor roll...
    i dont remember

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    good advice!
    It is only that I don't want to have several devices plus cables
    I bought an iBook because of the simplicity anywhere
    I have been checking the external hard disk anyway...

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    Just buy a new 2.5in laptop hard drive for it. You should go for a 5400rpm at least, then just get what size you think you'll need.

    To transfer your old stuff you can find IDE to USB converters, which is pretty much a USB hard drive enclosure without the case. That would probably be your cheapest/easiest option.

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