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    laptop lock for dorm
    Next year, I'll be living in a dorm room, and want to invest in a laptop lock. I'll be at a small, Catholic private school, but why take chances? Basically, the only time it won't be under my watch, is when I'm sleeping. I've seen

    and am fairly impressed. Looks alot harder to steal, than say, a regular cable lock. I often read stories of people's powerbooks being stolen while living with others, etc....and I would be devastated if my 'book were stolen.

    What do you guys suggest?

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    I would just get one of the smaller ones that fit into the security hole on the book. There is no point in having one that big. A little one is going to help protect it from a quick grab just as well as that one. If someone really wanted it bad, they could get through either.

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    Biturbo V12 AMG
    They are a waste of money and easy to cut. got to think about what your going to hook it to.. if your thinking a desk they could just lift up the desk legs and take it. my advice to you is dont leave your computer out in view. either put it in your backpack or in your drawer. Make sure your roommate has a good habit of looking the door when he leaves. Best thing to do is to insure your powerbook and have a password on your powerbook.

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    Can you insure stuff while at school? I guess that's a bit of a relief. The only time it wouldn't be in my direct sight would be while i'm sleeping, or in the shower. I guess I'll just buy a cheapo lock as a basic deterrent.

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    Biturbo V12 AMG
    Quote Originally Posted by JSchultz
    Can you insure stuff while at school? I guess that's a bit of a relief. The only time it wouldn't be in my direct sight would be while i'm sleeping, or in the shower. I guess I'll just buy a cheapo lock as a basic deterrent.

    I think most schools offer insurance by the schools, i know where i go they do but i use my private insurance cuse its cheaper(but not not always). I know one thing a school wont cover is water damage, i guess someone hit a sprinkler head in a dorm and flooded a bunch of peoples stuff but the school wouldn't pay for it since the insurance the kids bought didnt cover flood. So read your insurance contract before you sign it.

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    i dont have no mac's
    i drilled a hole in my school desk (because they didnt have legs) and put my lock through that, in the library there was no place to lock your computer i bagged it up and brought it to the bathroom everytime i needed to go, leaving my sweatshirt in order save my spot.

    my school also gave out ibm crappads which were logged no matter where you were around the world....everyone that was stolen was recovered once they were logged into the no one ever really bothered locking their laptops
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    Jesus... that lock is huge. Is this small private school in harlem or something? That laptop Fort Knox is complete overkill. I go to (shock) Public College and a simple Kensington lock is all I need. If you're only ever going to leave it for bathroom breaks and sleep, you
    1. Only need a basic laptop lock
    2. Need to get a life. Or stop taking your computers to parties.

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    I honestly see that as unnecessary. I am living in a college dormitory using a simple cable lock, however, I never foresee my lock as going to serve a purpose, it just keeps me more calm when I leave I suppose. The best deterrent you can have is to be SURE that every time you or your roommate leaves the room you lock the door, even if it is just going out for a few minutes, lock the door.

    Just like someone else above, my desk is attached to the ground and wall [no legs], so I also drilled a hole through it to attach the lock to. But like I said, your best security device there will be locking your door every time you leave your room, no matter how long you will be gone, it only takes 5 seconds for someone to come in and grab your top.
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    It's not me I'm worried about, but my potential room-mate. One of the stolen powerbook stories here was because some people that his roommates must have let in decided to take it. I would trust my roommate hopefully, but **** him if he decides to befriend some shady people.

    And gogreen, it's not that I need to get a life, I'm just paranoid about my laptop!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JSchultz
    And gogreen, it's not that I need to get a life, I'm just paranoid about my laptop!

    Sorry, just a joke. But trust me, any sort of lock is enough to discourage a college student from nabbing your computer. There are just so many others that

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    as others have said, that thing not only looks like overkill but it looks painfully difficult to use! I have a kensington lock and it's great. I don't think you could force it out of the computer's lock hole. Basically though lock your door when you're not in the room. You should also lock the door when you are sleeping. Have your roommate do the same thing.

    I am fortunate to live in a smaller dorm at a large public school. it's also an honors dorm.
    Thefts are practically nonexistant in my dorm. But I still lock the door and my laptop. In the larger dorms holding 500 people, theft is much more common.

    Just be smart and you'll be fine.

    I was going to ask you what about class? I guess you take it with you.

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    I don't live in a dorm, but I have a roomie and she often has friends over and stuff. I use this lock and it does the job. I also take it w/ me when I use my PB at school or out and about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gogreen
    That laptop Fort Knox is complete overkill.

    ...Or stop taking your computers to parties.
    I have to say that made me laugh quite loud for quite a long time!

    Dude there locks are only really deterrents. I've heard stories of people leaving their laptops locked walking away and coming back to find that someone’s tired to nick it, been unsuccessful, and then taken there aggression out by punching the lights out of the screen.

    I know some ones said it before but just take it with you wherever you go and hide it away in your room.

    Personally even with it locked up in a public place I wouldn't feel right just waking away from my PowerBook for any length of time. When I'm in Starbucks and need to go to the toilet I close it pick it up and take it to the little boys room with me. That way there’s no risk, what so ever, of something going wrong. Even when I go up to get another coffee I take it with me. :headphone

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    I'd use Windows... but I like the Mac OS more.

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    lmao thats funny im going to get me a power pizza :cool:

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