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Thread: Macbook OSX Lion Battery not charging!

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    May 23, 2012
    Macbook OSX Lion Battery not charging!
    So not to sure whats going on..

    I have a macbook pro Mac OS X version 10.7.4 early 2011 version

    Plugged in the battery, not showing green/orange or any color
    On the top of my screen it says (Not Charging) (even if its plugged in)
    Screen will light up after I plug the charger in (so it's charging)
    Battery wont hold the charge (if i remove the charger, it says at 5%)

    Downloaded an app I saw someone else asked for on a similar thread


    Current charge: 163 mAh
    Maximum charge: 5258 mAh

    Battery capacity
    Current capacity: 5258 mAh
    Design capacity: 5770 mAh

    mac model: MacBookPro8,1
    Age of your mac: 10 months
    Battery loadcycles: 309
    Battery temp: 30.0 C
    Battery power charge: 0.0 Watt

    please help!

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    Hard to say, but there's really only three possibilities:

    1. The charger isn't functioning properly
    2. The wall socket isn't functioning properly
    3. The battery isn't functioning properly

    (and I suppose 4. The charging circuit isn't functioning properly)

    So, bearing this in mind, anything you want to tell us? Any recent "accidents" or "jammed plugs" or anything out of the ordinary we should know about?

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    Your machine is only 10 months old and is still under warranty. Make an appointment with your local genius bar and have them look at it. You can't remove that battery to swap it out anyway. Let Apple do it. And if you haven't purchased Apple care, now is a good time to think seriously about doing so.

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    May 23, 2012
    There hasnt been any accidents or drops, or really anything I have done wrong. I use this laptop extremely lightly. I've tried many wall sockets, so Im sure that cant be it.
    Could it be that I leave the charger plugged in all night?

    Thanks, Im going to set up an appointment, I have definitely buying the extended applecare now .

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