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    May 17, 2012
    Question about installing lion on SSD
    Hi, I'm new to the forums I was searching around Google for an answer to my question but there seems to be alot of misinformation floating around and not alot of concrete answers.

    I just purchased a new SSD from Crucial, I have yet to install it because I'm unsure about the process of getting lion installed.

    I have a late 2011 MBP that came with OSX Lion installed, I have no recovery disc, USB or external harddrives with Lion on it, Just a HDD inside the machine and a SSD in a box.

    Now i've read around the web that when I install an SSD I can then start up the MBP and hit
    Option +R after the chime to open up the Lion recovery assistant.

    What I need to know is... Do I need to partiton/format the drive prior to installing it in the computer and installing Lion or will the recovery take care of this for me if not what steps do I have to do to accomplish this?
    Also is it true that I can just put in a new SSD with absolutely no software installed, hit Option+R and then install Lion?

    I should also note that I don't want to make a carbon copy of my drive HDD or any of those other avenues I just want a fresh install of Lion on the SSD with the least amount of work being done to accomplish this.

    Thanks for your help.

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    first of all you need to have a boot able osx lion in hand.
    if you view crucial install instruction, it is super duper clone that will do the job.
    Anyways to make it easier for you, osx lion install disk be in sd card, dvd or usb stick.
    you got to purchase it thru app store or contact apple about it.
    (1) using ssd as external drive, format as journaled,
    application > utilities > disk utility > choose your ssd drive and erase to format as journaled.
    (2) copy the internal drive to external ssd drive using ccc carbon copy clone or super duper
    (3) boot up from external drive (ssd) by booting up your mac, press 'option' key as the chimes sound, see if it is okay by choosing the ssd drive to start your mac, if okay, swap your drives ( in with new drive out with old drive)
    (4) Boot up your mac with the lion osx in place, again with option key route, overlay your osx in the ssd
    with clean install. run software update then you are in business.
    Sounds a lot of work, the whole process should be short. say 1hour 30 mins. The software update from
    10.7 to 10.7.4 is the marathon, if you have an apple store nearby they can do that in few seconds.
    here is the link to create lion osx
    How to make a bootable Lion install disc or drive | Macworld

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    May 17, 2012
    I've gotten the SSD installed and working.
    What I did was partition the drive to OSX Journaled
    Borrowed a Lion USB install from a friend, put SSD into MBP.
    Booted held Option Key then installed from USB it was pretty straight forward and took about 30 min.
    I'm now working on the "Marathon" upgrade to 10.7.4 FUN!

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    Mar 09, 2011
    mbp 15 2009, mbp 13 2010
    what did you do to transfer your application, user data to ssd ? migration assistant ?

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    May 17, 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by ycl1688 View Post
    what did you do to transfer your application, user data to ssd ? migration assistant ?

    I did a fresh install of lion and encased the HDD in a external, i'm currently in the process of moving the data files I need over.

    I keep all my app installers and important data on these Micro USB's

    So I didn't use any type of assistant or carbon copy.

    Sorry if the above post seems messy I wrote it on my iPhone with auto correct apparently enabled
    I have just edited it.

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    2011 MacMini - 2.5ghz 128gb SSD + 500gb HDD, 2012 - MBP 2.4 ghz 256 gb SSD
    Was the USB you used a downloaded one from the apple website? I mean was is the one they have here: Lion Recovery Disk Assistant v1.0

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