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    Copying bootable clone to refurb MPB
    I just purchased a refurbished MBP (Early 2011) that shipped with Lion. I have a lot of software that does not run well or at all with Lion. I tried Migration Assitant, but most things don't work; too many support files are missing. So my plan is to copy over that MBP drive with a bootable clone from my old Macbook with 10.6.8, hoping to have an exact duplicate of my older Macbook, but now on the MBP. I have created the bootable clone with SuperDuper on an external drive, and checked to see if it would boot up the macbook, which it did. I used this method last year when I had to install a new hard drive in my MacBook.

    But I'm unclear on the next step. I have read to do it this way: connect external drive to new MPB via Firewire (will have to get a new cable to go from 400 to 800); set MBP to start up from external; use Disk Utility to wipe out internal MBP drive; use superDuper or CarbonCopy to copy external to internal.

    Is this correct? Also, I have read that once a firmware update is done (I did that when I got the machine) then Snow Leopard may not run on that disk, but it seems like completely wiping it and copying onto the clean drive will take care of that, yes? Thanks.

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    That method should work fine

    You can boot up from USB, firewire isn't essentail

    Assuming you can boot from the external then the setup is good and you can clone away
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    It worked!
    I cloned the older drive and copied it via SuperDuper to the new machine. So far, so good. Everything from the older Macbook is now up and running on the new MBP with 10.6.8. Haven't tested everything, but most things work so far, including CS5 and Office 08, which were the ones I needed most. Thanks.

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