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    Arrow What about a notebook cooler?
    I gotta share this with you fellows: After I keep on loading music on to my ipod for more 40mins... my ibook turns very hot and a bit backward. :rolleyes: I don't like a hot ibook at all... to many complications it might cause (unstable, blunt, freezing screen...) . That just can't be right. Therefore I try a notebook cooler which does cool my ibook within 15 mins for around 10 degrees (centigrade) :biohazard . I was wondering if there is any one has the same experience as I have? and how do you fellows think about a notebook cooler? Personally, I think it is really handy and it works efficiently; it should be good for the operation of notebooks. here is a link for you fellows reference:

    Save Your Notebook From Overheating Complication!!

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    you dont happen ta work for this place do ya?

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    That looks a bit brash and cumbersome.

    I have seen a sleeker design somehwere and it was USB powered.

    Let me have a search

    Fallooza - You maybe right especially as it is his/her first post.

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    my ibook doesn't get that hot except for under the hard drive... I have found that the coolers don't do as much as I had hoped they would do ...
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    This works great, my fans have come on maybe 4 times in 2 years..

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    I made some custom work with some easy soldering and a power connector. variable fan rate too!
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    well, for Falloza's wondering, yes, i do work for a pc cooling company, yet, if i don't work for this company, i guess i would never about notebook cooling... i think the point is people might can do something to prevent the problem caused by overheating. the solution can be anything which suits his/her notebook & budget. buying or maintaining a notebook is not cheap for most people.

    as for macEfan... yea, my overheat occured when i was loading my music to ipod which i enjoy to do twice/week... i get ipod nano 2G... (4G is out of stock at Taiwan now....) 2G is not so well to do for me, therefore, i gotta refresh it more frequently.

    jram, ilap is something cool, personally, i apperciate its minimalism design... a quite match for ibook & powerbook too!

    DigitalN, i love any creative work!

    btw: onething i should warn you fellows... never spread perfume around your ibook... otherwise, you will get a mottled ibook... alcohol will corrode the glossy surface of ibook

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    Never spread perfume around my ibook? Thanks for the info. I know I love my ibook and all, but perfume? Than cooler looks huge and heavy. there are so many simpler cheaper less cumbersome options. I for one, am on my second ibook and have never ever used or needed a cooler. I load my ipod and my wife's ipod and do reports from work and have never had an overheating problem. I find the wall power adapter needs a cooler more than my book does. This is one of the few forum boards I use that has been relatively spam free(I am not implying that this thread was started by spam at all). I sure hope it stays that way. Isn't there a buy/sell/trade area on this site already?

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    I don't mind if you're advertising a decent produce here, especially seen as I'm looking for one at the moment but, I think the problems you listed are very unrealistic. I've used my iBook for plenty of intensive purposes and had it run very hot for prolonged amounts of time and never experienced anything like that. It tends to slow down a little quite often but I would put that down to running intensive programmes with a 1.2 G4 and 768MB of RAM, hardly idea.

    Oh, and ironically, I have used aftershave on my iBook before. I used a little of it over the hard drive to get rid of a small black mark from a permanent marker, it was the only thing I had handy and I didn't want to let the mark dry up and become harder to remove. It worked a treat I must say, the only thing I noticed after that is that my left wrist always smelt rather pleasant after use and come to think of it, so did the room I was using it in, especially if I was running the iBook hot. :p This was on the grey part of the iBook though so its not so bad.

    Versace Blue Jeans for those of you interested, I highly recommend it

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    If it was i laptop that i could put my beer in and keep it cold, I would buy it.

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