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    MacBook Pro problems

    I wanted to ask you guys some questions before I go to the apple store and have my MacBook pro (bought October 09, 2011) problems checked by the genius bar. Here are the recurrent problems Iíve been experiencing for a while, and got me thinking that I may have purchased a defective product. But first, you must know that they all happen in both os lion AND windows 7 (boot camp). Both operating systems have been reformatted, which changed nothing to those problems. So here it is:

    - Sometimes, I close the laptopís screen lid, and when I reopen it, the screen is totally black, but the keys' light is still on, and I can hear the sound if I press the F12 or F11 buttons. In other words, the OS is working but I canít see anything (in case someone asks, it has nothing to do with the brightness (F1 and F2 keys)). The only thing I can do then is hold the power button and reboot.

    - Sometimes my MacBook reboots for absolutely no reason. To this date this hasnít occurred when I was on the laptop, but sometimes when Iím around but not using it, I will hear the start up sound, and then go see what happened: the MacBook just restarts and there is no explanation on either operating system once itís restarted, everything is ďnormalĒ.

    - Sometimes when I plug earphones into the MacBook, and then unplug them afterwards, there will be no sound (as if the laptop thinks there are still earphones plugged in). This is a minor problem and the least of all but I was just wondering it itís common or not.

    So, what do you guys think? Are those problems usual and fixable, and so itís a coincidence that Iíve been having them all? Or are they the same problem caused by a defective product? If it is repairable, do I have to prove it to the genius bar? Because really it only happens sometimes and I cannot cause it to happen, but it gets me really mad when it does. Oh and, if they do give me a new MacBook, do I have to backup all my files before I go to the apple store, or do they help you with that too? (I don't have an external hard drive where i could transfer everything that is on my laptop)

    Sorry for my English I hope you can understand everything, if not I can rephrase.


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    The black screen when you open the lid is probably just the normal sleep mode. You just press any key to wake up the display. That's probably what's going on with that.

    But the fact that you're experiencing multiple issues could be of concern. Especially so soon after you purchased it. Unless you have some 3rd party app installed that's supposed to override some basic functions of OSX. Especially apps that give you themes are guilty of causing weird issues. If you haven't installed anything like that, then you definitely want to take it to the Genius Bar. They will keep it for a few days if necessary to replicate your issues. They will probably be able to fix it, but if not they will give you a replacement. I'm not 100% certain that they will offer to transfer all your data for you, but I'm pretty sure they will do it if you ask them nicely.

    Wait and see what happens with the Genius Bar and take it from there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MYmacROX View Post
    The black screen when you open the lid is probably just the normal sleep mode. You just press any key to wake up the display. That's probably what's going on with that.
    Like I said, there is nothing i can do at that point but reboot with the power button. And it happens in both operating systems, and I'm sure it has nothing to do with an app; i haven't even downloaded one in os lion and those i have in windows 7 are common.

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    4. sometimes i close the laptop lid, and the apple light is still on, if i open the lid the computer is not in sleep mode, as if i never closed it

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    Here is my opinion, I was a laptop technician.

    Issue 1. Sounds to me like a faulty lid switch. when closed, it will disable the backlight, then put the computer to sleep. It can be woken up, but typically the screen will not light up until the switch says the lid is open. Not really sure if this applies to Apple computers, but this is almost every other brand laptop.

    Issue 2. This typically is a hardware problem, I have had this happen three times on my old MacBook. This first time was a faulty video cable, so when you moved the screen, it would restart. The second time was a faulty logicboard. The third time was a faulty motion sensor in the hard drive I upgraded to.

    Issue 3. Sounds like a logic board problem to me. If you plug the headphones back in and it plays sound, through them only, then it is what switches the outputs, if it does not play, then it is a bigger logicboard issue.

    Issue 4. This just sounds like a piece of software keeping it from sleeping. I had this happen on my MacBook Pro, the first time it was printers that were shared, the second time was documents in the print queue, for a printer that was not available.

    Based on the purchase date you are still good for another few months on your warranty, I would take it into them and show them all the problems at least the ones you can duplicate. I would also recommend buying an extended warranty, if you found all this 7 months into ownership, if they repair of replace it, it may have more issues in 7 months, at this time it would not be covered by the warranty.

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    +1. All good advice from member rustyk123.

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