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    Question growing dead spot on my ibook g4 screen--help!
    I have an iBook g4. I was dumb enough to drop it from desk height to the floor maybe four months ago; it landed flat on its base. After that there was a stripe along the right-hand margin about an inch wide and half screen-height which stayed white when the computer was on, with a triangul;ar cap of gray and black horizontal stripes that changed shape slightly at random moments or when I adjusted the screen angle. Also one magenta line running vertically down the full height of the screen. I could live with that.

    Yesterday several more full-screen lines appeared and there's a thick section of colored bars next to the white area, extending almost another inch. That's not so good but I can live with that too. I didn't drop the computer again. It is getting warmer and more humid.
    Recently a permanent yellow vertical line also appeared on my never-dropped 2006 iMac desktop.

    So I have three questions: Can I fix this, or get it fixed? Can I stop the dead area from spreading further? If the answer to both of those is no, can I get a replacement screen for this thing or do i need to replace it altogether? The programs run just fine and the disk utility says there's nothing wring with the hard drive.

    Sorry this was so long. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Both of your machines are fairly old. The iBook was dropped and it appears the display was permanently damaged. It's really too old to be spending money on a new display. The iMac is a 2006 model which the screen is beginning to deteriorate. That too would be costly to replace - more than the machine is worth. Time to buy a newer Mac or brand new from Apple.

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