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    Macbook Pro Cant get past Log in screen
    Hi Guys i am new to the forum but i need some help. I stupidly let my pro run down to 0 on the batter with a lot of applications running. Screen went black so i ran for the charger, plugged it in and pressed the power button. Now all i get is the spinning disc of death for a while when i turn it on but it does eventually go to the log in screen. When i get there i pop my password in, the screen goes white and it just goes straight back to the log in screen again.

    i have started in repair mode and repaired the disk but i still get the same thing. Also i cant re boot from the cd as i have a dodgy disc drive and it just keeps throwing the cd out again

    help me please!!

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    hi thomas,

    did you try a hardware reset? see here how that works - TheMacMania - Tips, Tricks and more for your Mac Computer or a ram reset might help.
    i don't think itīs a big issue to run your battery to zero, actually you should do sometimes because this increases the capacity of your battery
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