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    Apr 29, 2012
    Crucial M4 for a 13" MacBook
    Hi Folks,

    The Crucial M4 comes into two versions and have different heights.

    SSD1 - 7 mm
    SSD2 - 9.5 mm

    2.5-inch SSD dimensions
    (L x W x H)

    100.5 x 69.85 x 9.50 mm

    What physical dimensions are necessary for a HDD upgrade in a 13" MacBook?


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    i would go with 7mm, as long as 2.5" height is good for laptop.

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    Apr 29, 2012
    Hi ycl1688, appears that the 9.5mm drive will fit just fine from this thread discussion

    "DanBroadhead wrote:
    I'm planning to replace the hard drive in a MacBook Pro 13" mid-2010 - its the latest model just purchased.

    I've searched the discussions on replacing the hard drive, and I've seen conflicting information on whether the 13.3" Macbook Pro will accept the 12.5mm height drives, or only the 9.5mm height drives.

    And Apple support is no help - they don't know.

    Can someone confirm exactly, whether the 12.5 mm drives will fit or not?

    Having done this switch personally, 12.5mm drives fit perfectly. There are 1TB drives that are available for around $100.

    Just don't pull old drive out and put a new one in. Clone your current drive to the new in an external enclosure (they're cheap) using something like Carbon Copy Cloner. Then start up from the cloned new drive to make sure there are no issues. Then switch out the drive.

    If you don't clone, then you'll be spending hours installing and updating your software and OSX. You'll have to find every single password. You'll have to fix your user preferences. I can't be bothered with that hassle!"

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