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    New to Mac Books

    I am looking to get I Mac I am just starting out in Photography and understand the Apple Mac's are best for graphics and editing software. Can anyone give me some advice on this?

    I have only ever used PC's and I am very proficient at using them and have worked on an IT helpdesk before so understand more than the average person.

    Some guidance would be much appreciated.



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    I wouldn't say that Macs are necessarily better than PCs at getting the job done, unless there's some Mac only software that you want to use
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    I do photography on with my mac and you'll really love it. Aperture 3 is really nice to work with and I find it easier to use than LightRoom with similar results. Though if your an Adobe fan you can still run it on OS X. Even iPhoto will give you awesome results. I think you'll injoy the Mac quite a lot for photography.
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