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Thread: Not waking from sleep!

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    Not waking from sleep!
    I've searched around, and I haven't found anyone with the same issue as me. My 2010 MBP will not wake from sleep. If I either put it to sleep via the Apple menu, or close the computer, I open it up only to see a black screen. Nothing would tell me that it's actually changed states except that the fan is malfunctioning and spins at full speed all the time (That is, it stops when the computer is asleep, but is the only thing that responds when I attempt to wake the computer). The keyboard stays unlit and the volume keys don't make a sound, the only thing that I've found to do is hold the power button and restart, at which point it resumes from where I was. I've reset the PMU and the SMC. Anything else I can do?

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    not sure what to do, sorry. my mum has the same problem with her laptop so i wanted to subscribe to the thread. what helped for her temporarily was that she turned the screen a bit further to the table. but as i said it was just temporarily
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