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Thread: Fan on at full speed!

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    Fan on at full speed!
    Hello everyone! I just received a 2010 13" MacBook Pro 2.4GHz! I completely scored as it was listed as 'As-Is' on eBay for $500! When it arrived, the battery wouldn't charge, it wouldn't connect to the internet, it wouldn't accept a disc, and the fans are on at full RPM. After a couple restarts, the drive now accepts discs, and after having made a new user account, the Airport works, and the battery's now at 71%, only problem is that the fan is still on constantly no matter what I do. I reset the SMC, PMU, and followed the other instructions the Apple tech suggested. I also downloaded a couple of fan control apps to see if those could remedy the problem, however it persists. Now for the good news: The computer still has AppleCare until October 2013!! Talk about a score! I'm going to attempt to make an appointment with my local authorized Mac dealer, but until then, is there anything else I can try? Thanks in advance!

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    Talk about luck.... Not much you can do. It could either be a bad temperature sensor on the Logic Board (temp sensor controls fan speed) or the board itself could be messed up. Either way, let Apple care deal with it. If they have to swap out the Logic Board they will. By the way, that's normally a $500 to $600 charge without Apple care.

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    Ok, I'll try to get ahold of the dealer tomorrow, but until then I guess I'll live. Haha. And yeah, I understand the expense necessary to replace a logic board, which is why I'm glad I have AppleCare for a pretty good amount of time!

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