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    Mar 28, 2012
    My Macbook caught fire
    Yesterday I took my Mac to a friend's house because he was interested in trying one. I plugged it in, turned it on, and logged in. Then I left it for him to try out. Two hours later he called to say it had caught fire.

    He burned his hands and suffered smoke inhalation trying to put it out and had to go to the emergency room. Fortunately, the damage to his home and his injuries were not more extensive. I shudder to think what would have happened if circumstances were different.

    Camera phone pics are attached. I will look carefully today at the magnetic plug but it appears from what I saw last night that it was the battery.

    Any known battery issues with this product, particularly the battery? Also, can you help me locate a serial number. What was on the bottom of the case has burned off.

    Tx. Allison
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    Mar 28, 2012
    I believe the battery and charger to be original, but I do not know for sure. The computer first belonged to my brother who is now deceased. I have had the computer for 2 years but did not use it. While in my possession there have been no problems, no repairs etc. but like I said I didn't use it except to retrieve files for my brother's widow after he died.

    These photos show the battery parts still on the table and the back of the computer. We were able to retrieve a serial number from the charger unit and Apple has been contacted regarding the situation.
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    Do you know what year this model was, and if it came with a T shaped mag charger? The T shaped chargers had a tendency to fail, due to weak cable covering.

    I'm wondering if that happened and caused a short leading to the battery being damaged and catching fire.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stretch View Post
    Do you know what year this model was, and if it came with a T shaped mag charger? The T shaped chargers had a tendency to fail, due to weak cable covering.

    I'm wondering if that happened and caused a short leading to the battery being damaged and catching fire.
    The old T shaped charger on my sister's macbook pro melted - luckily she was able to get it away from her computer. Dread to think what could have happened had she left it to charge and gone out or left it out of her vision.

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    Try contacting woke apple and try and see if you can get it worked out with them. Tim cook seems to be more concerned with customers then jobs was so you may get a refund.

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    I'd contact a good lawyer as well and not let that laptop out of your sight. I certainly wouldn't turn it's possession over to anyone until you receive legal advice - chain of custody considerations and all. If you haven't already, start documentation.
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    If everything is OEM then Apple defiantly needs to do something, not only because of your friend's health, but your friend's house! If an 83 year old can try and make money for walking into a glass wall, Apple should at least compensate you.

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    Wow, that looks bad. It's pretty lucky that the damage to his house wasn't worse.

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    Oct 10, 2013
    Battery in My Macbook caught fire and melted and charred my countertop
    Please be careful. This CAN and DOES happen. My Macbook was sitting on a well ventilated counter, merely charging. No over use at all, just powering up. Its obviously from the battery, you can see the char/melt scar on the counter right where the battery was in contact. Has anyone else experienced this? The guy at the Apple store said he'd never seen one so destroyed. Ive been talking with Apple and so far they are curious and concerned, and pleasant to work with. Thanks for your time,
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    Traditionally, Apple has expressed STRONG INTEREST in incidents like this if the charger was one of theirs. Even though the machine is old, if you are CERTAIN the charger that was used was the original Apple charger I would contact them, get an email address to send pics and open a case. You'll usually find them very interested in investigating and will probably replace the damaged machine (see "if" above).

    Ambulance-chasing lawyers and litigious douches might tell you to get a lawyer, but I would say this would be a bad idea until you have spoken to Apple. Not everything needs litigation, and since the expense can be ruinous (even if you "win"), instantly jumping to the lawyer/legal solution may not be the smart move unless you don't get a good response from the company.

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