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    Macbook wont turn on after using new L shaped magsafe charger
    So I have a late 2008 macbook and I needed to get a new charger. I got one of the new L shaped chargers. About two days later while I was doing some work on the laptop, then closed it but did not connect it to charge again thinking it had enough battery life. It seems that the battery died out. The next time I tried to turn it on it would not turn out. I plugged the charger in and it still would not turn on. The indicator on the battery had 2 lights and one blinking so I left it connected for a while. I went online and came across a whole bunch of posts of people like myself who had problems with the new charger. After reading about the success that people had by removing the battery and resetting the computer I tired that and it worked. When the computer did turn on I wanted to install a firmware thats out there for the magsafe problem. When I tried to install it I got a message saying that I did not need the update. I made sure to keep the laptop connected and not let it die out. I was planning on returning the charger and getting a new T charger, since I did not want to go through that again.

    Last night the laptop was connected to charger, I briefly opened it to check something in the morning then just closed it. When it was opened later nothing would open, force quit window would not come up, keyboard shortcut force quit would not work either. The rainbow wheel would come up sometimes. If I tried to open Safari it would just bounce up an down on the dock. It would not shut down through the little apple toolbar menu, neither would it shut down if I held down the power button. Also the time was stuck at 8:00 am, the time I had briefly opened it then closed it.

    I thought long and hard before taking the battery out. It was still stuck like 3 hours later. I thought I would take out the battery and use my husbands MacBook pro T magsafe charger he has and use that until I got the other one I was planing on buying. I removed the battery, held down the power button, put the battery back in and plugged in the old T magsafe charger. It would not turn on. Since then I have tried resetting with the new charger and nothing happens. Since having the L charger plugged in the battery indicator lights are all on and the magsafe battery light is green.

    Did I possibly mess it up by trying to reset it more than once (two or three times???) I dont know what else to do. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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