I had to bring my laptop to campus and long story short, after leaving my laptop carrying case and backpack on a shelf outside of the room (weren't allowed to bring them in) I came back maybe a half an hour later to find that my computer was apparently beginning to tear in two. It was fine literally an hour beforehand so I'm assuming somebody violently flung their belongings into mine on that shelf which resulted in this.
I'm not going to pretend to be tech savvy; I don't know much Macbook terminology so the best description that I can give is that the hinges are severely bent/broken and the screen is detaching. If I look at the laptop from above or the side I can see the wiring. Not surprisingly it's unable to stand upright on its own anymore so I'm currently propping it up against some pillows.
Some images:

I've had this thing since 2007 (I know it's not pretty) and have known for a while now that it wasn't long for this world, but is this something that can be repaired? I can't afford a new computer at the moment.
What might the cost be? I'm assuming this isn't a simple self fix?