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    Spilled Water on Closed Macbook?
    I have been searching the internet high and low but have yet to come across anything involving my specific problem. My unibody macbook was in my backpack with a 1/3 full water bottle that ended up breaking open. It seemed that most of my notebooks and textbooks absorbed the water, but I instantly turned the macbook off and wiped off the water droplets on the top and bottem cases (I have plastic protective cases on both sides). It was sitting in my backpack with the left side down/the ports and jacks on the bottom, so that is the only place I can think of that water would have reached. It wasn't that much water so I had no idea it could even be damaged so I took it to class with me, tried to turn it on and that is when I realized the water had done more than I thought because it would not respond at all to me pressing the power button. At school I do not have access to anything that would unscrew the bottom to take out the battery so I just let it dry on its side in a well ventilated area for over 24 hours. After waiting I plugged it into the charger and the front led light started slowly blinking and then the macbook started beeping as well. I have read that this is usually due to ram. Do you think there is a chance that maybe the water just damaged the ram, or is it more likely a problem with the logic board? Hoping it is anything but the logic board because as a student - not in any situation to drop money on a new macbook or expensive repairs. I plan on letting it dry for a week before doing anything with it again - going home this weekend as well so will have access to tools and planning on taking off the back and seeing if I can dry it out more. I am also planning on taking it to the apple store to have them look at it - I was just seeing if I could get more information first as to any idea what could be going on and if there is hope? Thank you!

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    Spills can be unpredictable as to what damage they cause. The Sticky thread about spills at the top of this forum will pretty much give you an idea of what to expect. The problem with your spill is that the machine was on and in sleep mode. Any water on the logic board will cause an instant short and probable damage to the circuitry. I hope for your sake the damage is minimal and your machine can be repaired at a reasonable cost.

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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    Liquid + electronics = death.

    Be prepared for the worst possible news and if by some lucky break, all is not lost, you will be well in front.
    Hang on to those original install discs like grim death! Using OS X.7 or later make a bootable USB thumb drive before running Installer!

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    Actually you did not Spill Water on a Closed MBP, at least not the way I see it. To kspill water on a closed MBP to me would mean it was sitting on a table or desk, lid closed and someone, NOT ME, accidentally spilt some water over the closed lid.

    In your case the notebook was edge wise to the water where it could get into the keyboard and crack at the back where the bottom is screwed on. That lets water inside the computer, not just over it while closed.

    Sorry to say but it looks like you are inline for a new computer or a pretty expensive repair of the old computer.

    Next time don't put a bottle of water in your backpack with your expensive electronic devices.

    Good Luck.

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    That truly is disappointing to hear. It is very unfortunate that your Macbook was damaged by water. There really isn't much else i can say that hasn't been mentioned inside this post already. I will give you a tip, even though this post is rather out-dated. When traveling, i suggest that you turn your computer off. Had your computer been off at the time of the incident, the shortage that probably occurred in your board/circuitry wouldn't have happened. Also, the extra movement of your Hard-Drive inside your computer while moving is enough to screw up some memory, rendering some/most files useless. As a student myself, i wouldn't know what to do had i lost my Macbook.

    Best of luck,

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