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    Driver needed for Medion USB3 Express Card
    I bought a Medion USB3 Express Card hoping it might work in my MacBook Pro as I had previously bought a USB3 external drive - without realising that Apple don't support USB3. Hey ho. Anyway, the card doesn't work.

    Does anyone know if there is any chance that it can be made to work? Is there a driver somewhere?


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    Not likely since USB 3 is not supported in any of the current Mac models. I suggest sending the card back for a refund. The drive you purchased is backward compatible with USB 2 so that will work provided you use the proper cable.

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    I conceded that Apple don't support USB3 - ie they don't fit USB3 ports. But from what I've read I understood the facility could be made available. And indeed after posting I discovered that Lacie make a Mac-compatible Express Card, and as my ext. drive is Lacie I downloaded their driver via this link which is all about USB3 / Mac compatibility:

    LaCie is the premier manufacturer of high quality digital storage.

    This has got my Express Card working. Under 'About this Mac/System Report' it lists:
    'USB 'Super-Speed Bus' but only quotes a Speed of 'Up to 480 Mb/sec'.

    This suggests it has defaulted to USB2 speed. However, some files that previously played jerkily in my editing app now play smoothly. So it's certainly an improvement on the MacBook's USB2 ports. Perhaps there is more to it than just the speed.

    What would be the simplest way to measure the actual speed to see if it is more than the USB2 standard?

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