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    What is the Correct LCD for A1304 Macbook Air?
    Hi guys,

    what is the correct LCD screen to purchase for my a1304 macbook air?

    I see several options online and it is confusing me. Here is what i've run across:

    AUO B133EW03 ( I believe this is the original equipment?)
    AUO B133EW04

    LP133WX2 (manufactured by LG)

    There are also a host of random (aftermarket) brands available for about half the price. Is there really any advantage/dis-advantage with going with the aftermarket LCD's? Im thinking due to the difficulty of this repair i would rather pay a bit more up front and not have to deal with replacing the LCD a second time.


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    Nobody Knows?

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    This is quite a specific question. I'd be surprised if someone could come up with an answer, but heres my best bet -

    There should be a tear down guide on that website, that might reveal some more information.
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