Mac Air with Photoshop Elements 9 that I sometimes run with a large monitor and bluetooth wireless mouse and keyboard. The mouse is and keyboard are left on all the time so even if I'm just working purely off Air keyboard and trackpad they are still connected. I also have a Mac Mini with Photoshop Elements 10 with same keyboard, of course always connected when I use it.

I was having this issue with cloning in Elements where you hold the 'option' key down to take a clone sample. I would get an error indicating that I didn't hold the option key down. I thought it was a layers thing, so did a bunch of other people. Long story, short, when I turn off the bluetooth on the Air cloning works fine (as it did with my Win 7/Elements 8 days).

If bluetooth is on, even though I'm using the Air keyboard (not wireless) it still has this impact. Bluetooth on, and wireless turned off, still unable to use option key on Air to clone.

What does turning on Bluetooth have to do with the keyboard mappings?