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    Question Macbook A1342 2009 Black screen on boot but chime sounds
    I have just been given a Macbook 2009 that wont turn on. When you press the power key you hear the normal boot chime but no picture appears.

    The laptop was given to me without any hard drive, so I installed a blank 250GB HDD. The HDD has no OS on it, and I am not sure how it is currently formatted as it is new.

    Even when I use an external screen and regardless of whether a HDD is present the macbook does not show any sign of life on the screen or external screen but still chimes.

    Any help would be great,


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    Try taking out the memory and reseating it. Also, do you have the original OS and software disks to install on your new HD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zewazir View Post
    Try taking out the memory and reseating it. Also, do you have the original OS and software disks to install on your new HD?
    If RAM was an issue, it should beep, not chime. The chime means it made it through the hardware self test.

    You really should be looking for either original install/restore disks for the machine or a retail Snow Leopard disk.
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    I just thought I'd had a final stab as I'd written the laptop off to be honest mate and was gutted. I held the option key down which shows you boot devices, held the torch to it and nothing. I pressed right and enter as I knew the pen drive comes up on the right. Suddenly the light on the pen drive started flashing, I was so shocked. I then plugged the dvi monitor in and it was booting into the installer!

    Well my luck streak promptly ended I feel like crying lol

    I replaced the LVDS cable and the screen and nothings changed, still black screen.

    I did notice a bit of grime on the display cable plug on the logic board so used contact cleaner and got it off, could the socket have become damaged?

    It just doesnt make sense, it boots fine, shows on external monitor, has had a new screen and new LVDS cable and still doesnt show on screen?

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