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Thread: Bad Gaming Performance in Macbook Pro 15" Early 2011

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    Bad Gaming Performance in Macbook Pro 15" Early 2011
    I a few months ago purchased a Macbook Pro 15" version early 2011. I trying a few fairly old games but performance sucks. For example a 2009 game Bioshock (an original genuine copy of Mac version) even in lowest graphics does not run smoothly, lags time to time and makes the notebook heat like ****.

    Do you think guys, there's something wrong with my computer or is this normal for macbook?..

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    Wink Re: gaming performance
    I think there may be something wrong with your computer, as i have no problem running games like wow, nfs most wanted and civ 5 on the 15''. I have the lower end 2.0i7 model. I also have windows installed and am playing COD-mw3, bf3 and swtor, they're running pretty well...bf3 was barely playable though...their low settings looks high enough..I think I finished crysis 2 and saints row the third without any problems, but with the medium settings...

    Why dont you try playing a full hd movie and see if the video lags? If it does then send it back to apple for maintenance,..


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    Question on the GPU drivers. I have always installed the latest drivers manually on a PC, do the GPU drivers on a MacBook update themselves via the updater?

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    Graphic card upgrades are part of Apple's system software updates.

    Any AV software or MacKeeper or such installed? Plenty of free space on the hard drive?
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    Full specs on the MBP would help too.

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    No audio video software or mackeeper is installled. Thanks guys.

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