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    MacBook Pro A1278 Possible Inverter Cable Problem.
    Hello guys,
    So a few weeks ago a can of Monster exploded in my bag which had my MacBook pro inside too. This obviously caused severe water damage so I didn't turn it on, took all parts out and dried them. So far I have only found one problem after managing to save most of my MacBook. I have no backlight and can only see what is on the screen when I shine a torch onto the screen at a nice angle.

    I've been taking a look and have found what I believe is where the inverter cable goes to the motherboard. On this there are a gold pins or teeth( not sure what they're actually called) and from the water damage I believe 2 or 3 have dissappeard, the same can be found on the cable itself. I will enclose a picture, but I basically just wanted some troubleshooting on what I should do next as I don't want to buy an inverter cable if it does not work.

    Thank you.

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    The header looks damaged in the picture. Was there any smell of burning when you pulled the machine out of the bag (or was the smell of the soda so strong that you couldn't pick it out?).

    What I find interesting is that you said the exact same pins were missing on the connector. Is there any sign of burns on the cable or the header? Can we get a picture of the cable itself?
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    Thanks for the speedy reply.
    No burning smell at all when liquid was on MacBook Pro.
    I mean yeah, it's difficult to see in the picture but on the cable itself there are about 3 of the gold pins that have warped and disappeared I guess,
    Here's a close up of the inverter cable...

    And here's one of the header? I think that's what you mean by it I'm not too sure haha...

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    Hiya, posted a quick reply but as I'm new have no idea what happened to it so I'll try an advanced reply...

    No burning smell at all from MBP.

    Here's the cable...

    Here's the header...

    Thanks for the reply.

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    Your posts were moderated by our forum filter. I approved them so they should now appear.

    About your problem. As cwa107 advised, it's likely you toasted the inverter cable and connector when the can exploded. There's no doubt from the photos you submitted that they're both damaged and need to be replaced.

    The inverter cable is easy. However, the connector is probably surface mounted to the Logic board (mother board) which means major difficulty replacing it. It looks like you're going to have to replace the entire Logic board. Lots of $$$.

    Sorry for such bad news.

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