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    My wife's MacBook won't charge
    It's a early 2008 mb13 with the dual core 2.1

    Works perfect except it won't charge and will not run on ac power. I should mention, it charges sometimes when it's off. This has been going on for over a year and she has basically stopped using it. Battery is recognized as is the ac plug and it also recognizes that the battery is good.

    Charger and battery are both good.

    From all my research it looks like a faulty logic board. I've tried all the tests and resets on the Internet with no help.

    After putting this off for a year and my wife deciding she wants a new MacBook, I decided to try to fix this first as she really doesn't need a more powerful laptop for what she uses it for.

    I've seen sites that will repair/replace the logic board. The only mention dimmed screen, no video, doa, etc... They do not mention the very common non charging issue.

    Assuming my non charging issue is logic board related, will their repair fix my issue? You can find them listed on eBay and google.

    I'm concerned because they make no mention of charging issues and typically work on water damaged.

    Hope this makes sense.

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    Have your local Apple Store take a look at it.

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    I went ahead and bought her a new one. It's a new in the box older model.

    MacBook pro 13; i7 2.7 500gb 4gb

    I think she's going to like it. I'll just replace the logic board myself and won't have to worry about grenading it.

    I took the old one to the apple store a few years ago. The price was going to be more than it was worth. I'll get AppleCare on hers and will only use the store if it's under warranty.

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    It could be the logic board or the an issue with the DC-IN board. If its the DC-in board then your repair cost will be considerably cheaper. If its the logic board then you're looking at a ~$800 repair.
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