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    Feb 22, 2012
    Screen Flicker/Shift

    I purchased a used macbook the other day and opened it to discover the screen flickers, but rather than just flickering on and off it flashes the content in a different position on the screen, for example my Macintosh HD Icon is sitting in the topright of the desktop and occasionally when the screen flashes it appears to just be a white flash but if you look closely the whole display has moved to the left as the icon appears top centre.

    This problem seems to stop if im typing constantly. The flashing doesnt happen if there are other keystrokes which leads me to believe its a sticky key possibly? Has anybody had experience of this?

    I have tried replacing the Data Display cable and its exactly the same problem.


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    Feb 22, 2012

    This only stop when there is a keypress in a dialogue box so it is typing something. If you just type when sitting on the desktop then the flicker still occurs.

    So possibly not a sticky key?

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    Another Update- I have looked at the refresh rate and it makes no difference, has anybody had any experience of anything like this before?

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    can't help
    sorry to hear, i can't help as I'm currently experiencing similar issues. Except if i command m a windowed World of Warcraft, the screen will show me things that used to be on my screen while its maximizing, for example images from my school site or my top sites screen in safari.

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