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    Nvidia Malfunction
    I have a mid-2010 Macbook Pro 15 inch i7. All was well until about September of 2011 when OSX Lion started crashing due to "Windows Server" almost ten times a day.I brought it to the genius bar and they said there were no hardware problems and to try downgrading to snow leopard and back to Lion on a clean install. This was performed, same problem. I then permanently downgraded to Snow Leopard and I experience it less often, only a couple times a day. In the SL error report it list kernal-task as the culprit.

    The only common thing about the two error reports was mention of a Nvidia driver or hardware multiple times. If I isolate to just having the computer run on the integrated intel graphics I run fine. This obviously limits my Macbook's performance so it is a major inconvenience. I just don't get how my Nvidia card could fail, and I realize that would require replacing the entire logic board for $$$$.

    Any advice?

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    Is your machine covered by Apple care? If the nVidia GPU is crashing the machine it might be because it's overheating. But whatever the cause is, Apple will most certainly want to change out the logic board. Even if you're not covered by Apple care I would take it back to the genius bar and see what they can do for you.

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    Unfortunately I am not. I'll try that, it is an older machine but I expected it to function for at least three or four years.

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    I apologize for the double post but I was wondering if anyone has had any luck with Apple Genius Bar without AppleCare protection. As a college student who requires their $2000 Macbook Pro to function I can't exactly fork out anymore!

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