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    Macbook Pro Refurb questions
    Hi All:

    I swore I was going to wait for the next Macbook Pro refresh later this year to buy my next laptop but something caught my eye on the Apple refurbished site. May I ask some questions to those of you with refurb experience?

    1) What is the procedure regarding battery condition? Are there a maximum number of cycles or some other parameter used to determine if the battery meets a given standard or not?
    2) What is the refurb return policy? Is it like the new policy? I will immediately know when opening the plain white box if I want to keep it or not and would only need a 7 day policy or so.
    3) If I have the Macbook shipped to an Apple store, can One on One then be purchased with the refurb just as you could buy it with a new unit?

    Thank You!
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    It's is almost the same as buying a new machine. They have new batteries and you have the same return policy that the new new macs have and you can also get one to one as well.

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