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    Question Slow Boot Up on new Mac
    I was going through youtube the other day watching vids on macs and mostly comparisons of old vs new. It seemed like the macs with slower processors and just plain older macs boot up quicker than new ones. Heres just one example of an old iMac vs a 2011 macbook pro dose anyone know why they do this?

    MacBook Pro and iMac Intel Core 2 Duo Comparison - YouTube

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    A 2 second difference in boot time is pretty negligible. If you are concerned with boot times get a SSD.

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    My iBook boots faster then my iMac does but that is because I have lion on my iMac and I have a lot of things running at startup. My MacBook pro is the fastest with 8-9seconds to do a full boot because I have an SSD in it.

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