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Thread: Macbook Issues

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    Macbook Issues
    So. I have a white Macbook unibody. I bought it refurbished, from Apple, May 2010

    Couple weeks ago my child spilled a little bit of juice on it, and I dried it out and it is still functioning, aside from the fact that a few keys are sticky (any way to un-stickify those?)

    Some of the problems it has been having are this:

    Safari takes up too much ram. CD drive no longer works, just spits stuff out. Sticky keys from juice spill. Fan runs a lot and the machine runs hot. Battery life is about 2 hrs, so it lives plugged in.

    Took it to Genius Bar to see about how much a repair would be.
    They said it would cost $750 to fix everything that might be broken in it. Basically re-refurbish it.

    So I am toying around with this idea, or purchasing either a MBP or MBA...

    What would you do? Fix this one and throw in some more RAM? Or buy a new one?

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    Personally I think I'd look to getting a refurbed MBA or MBP Then sells the MacBook as is on eBay etc

    But Safari has known ram issues, you can try Firefox or Chrome and see if you have the same issues.

    The batteries have a finite lifespan so that's not too surprising.

    The CD drive is replaceable and the case could be opened and cleaned of dust etc which may help the fan issue. Perhaps you have a local PC/Mac repair shop that would do that for a nominal fee.

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