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    Nov 01, 2011
    Random Sleeping/Battery issues??
    Me and my friend are having some weird issues with our MacBooks... I hope somewhere here can shed some light!!

    My macbook pro has been running fine until recently. Randomly out of nowhere it will fall asleep. sometimes it won't even wake up so I need to hold the power button down.

    My friend's macbook has been running fine as well. Yet suddenly her 5-6 hours of battery life has suddenly dropped to 2.5-3. It didn't seem gradual at all like "oh, my macbook is a year old now.." *dies*

    thanks to anyone that has some answers =)

    oh and i should mention as well that i've checked activity monitor as well and there's nothing there/out of the ordinary. Have monitored it after restart as well...

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    Nov 01, 2011
    hmmm still lost as to the sleeping problem. But today we turned on the MacBooks at the same time, same setting, and just casually browsed the web together. By the time mine went down 5% in battery life hers had dropped 40%. We bought our MacBooks only a month apart (same model). Hm...i'm baffled =(

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    Have you tried an smc or pram reset? also repair disk permissions and if that does not work then back up your files and restore the mac.

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