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Thread: (Older) Macbook Pro Screen not working

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    (Older) Macbook Pro Screen not working
    I have looked up possible solutions and see a lot of problems with a Nividia problem with MBP models bought between 07-08 (which mine is I believe) but my computer broke just last year and I don't believe it was within the time frame that apple offered. I don't have my computer with me atm and can't check the specs for sure, sorry.

    I'm not totally sure about what is wrong with it other than the fact that it works if I plug an external monitor in. Yes I've banged it up a few times but it never had problems after those slight falls. It started with a bit of flickering/lines going up and down the screen and then this:

    Any help? If I were to get it repaired, how much would it cost me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pointo View Post

    Any help? If I were to get it repaired, how much would it cost me?
    Probably close to or more than it's worth...especially if it's a logic board issue.

    As far as the Apple repair program for these MacBook Pros with video issues...I believe that the limit was 3 years from the date of purchase. But sometimes the Apple folks will still do things that aren't "by the book".

    If your MBP does have the covered "video issue" they may still repair to check with Apple to find out. Of course those "slight falls" could also be causing the issues...sometimes the problems related to falls can show up well after the actual fall.

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    hi I have exactly the same patterns on my screen like that for around 3 weeks. In the first few days I just try to adjust the screen lid by close/open it up until it show the desktop again. However, it completely looks like pointo's screen now. The only way I can use it by pluging to the external screen. Except for the screen, everything work just fine with the external display.
    I brought to Apple store and they said it cost 260 to repair (they said they will replace the screen). But this macbook pro bought in Dec 2009 and it's not gonna live long so 260 is not worth it.
    Could anyone have any advice for us to repair this issue with minimal cost?

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