Hello Mac experts and friendly help,

My new Christmas present laptop is fantastic for typing letters, but once you want to use any punctuation it's a wild goose chase.

What appears on the keyboard to be a score, creates this /. When I want to make that symbol, I hit shift 7 and it makes this &. The ( above the 8 actually makes *. And on and on.

I also want to write in Spanish and the on the keyboard (computer bought in Colombia, so it comes with the ), makes a ;. If I want to use accents, I have to go to Character viewer and search for the accent, it doesn't let me create shortcuts (for example in old macs I would do alt E and then the letter I wanted accented).

Please help because the keyboard goes against all logic and I have to press about 8 different keys until I stumble upon the one I'm searching for.

Much thanks in advance!