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    Question Mark Problem Startup
    my problem is my audio wasnt working and i had stuck cd the i decided to turn the machine off and reset the pram so i did and it was loading with the apple logo and spinning wheel for about 10 min so i decide i would to a force shut down and turn it back on and when i did there was no logo or spinning wheel so i tried the option button button it is just a cursor i got the cd out now but i still have the grey screen for about ten min and the question mark folder logo

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    Sounds like you are having issues with the startup drive. I can make a few general suggestions but we could probably be more helpful if we know which Mac model, OS version etc.

    If you have a valid OS X DVD try booting from that and running Disk Utility. Have it verify and attempt to repair any errors it finds. When it's done if it says the drive is OK try rebooting from the hard drive and see what happens.

    If you don't had an OS X CD turn on your Mac and immediately press Command+S to enter single user mode. When the text stops scrolling by on the screen type fsck -fy and press enter.

    When the task is finished if the results say the drive is OK try rebooting from the hard drive. If errors are still present run fsck -fy again.

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    it won't go into single user mode

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    the computer is a 2006 black macbook running lion

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