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    Macbook pro with Logitech Wireless Mouse Jittery and Jumpy
    Hello, I converted to mac 6 months ago. I'm using a macbook pro early 2011 running Mac OS X 10.6.8. But my very well performing wireless mouse Logitech Vx nano does not quite do the job under mac os. It's jumpy and jittery and even worse, when cpu usage is very high it tends to lock up for few seconds.

    I know there's no hardware problem because problem only persist when I'm under Mac Os. When I use the mouse in bootcamp with Windows 7 there's no problem.

    PS: all my apps and Mac Os is up to date and the batteries in Logitech are new.

    What should I do? Is there a solution, or is there a more compatible wireless mouse for mac other than Magic Mouse?

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    I am betting that something has been installed called Logitech Control Center. It is a piece of software that allows the Mac to take advantage of some of the special features/buttons, It has been known to be somewhat temperamental in the past.

    I have seen posts from some Logitech owners suggesting SteerMouse as an alternative driver. It is shareware but as a 30 day trial.
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    Well, I do not have logitech control center. I heard that it was one of the reasons of this problem. So I did not install it at all..

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