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Thread: save its life

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    save its life
    I volinteer for an IT recyciling company and a mac was droped off the previous owner decided that his data was to important and removed the hard drive i have fited a new hard drive into it but i can not get it to take an operating system it eather doesnot boot from the disk or the rair time it did it showd a circle with a line through it

    the problem child is a
    ibook G4
    modle a1133

    Thanks for any help you can offer

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    have you got the restore disks for that mac or retail copy of OSX?

    If you can get it to boot from the DVD, you will need to get to the installer screen and select Disk Utility from the Utilities menu and format the new disk to Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
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    i have never worked with a mac before and i thort this would be a chance to learn the other side of the coin i have no disks for it at all and no charger so i was borrowing disks untill i can get it going and if it is working and can install an os on it i will pop off to the shops and get a proper copy of the os and a charger for it

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