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Thread: Install a samsung 830 SSD in my macbook pro 2011.

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    Feb 16, 2012
    Install a samsung 830 SSD in my macbook pro 2011.
    I am trying to install a samsung 830 SSD(256GB) in my brand new 13" Macbook pro.
    Whenever I install it and boot the mac I get three beeps.

    If I put the old HD back in it works fine. The SSD works fine on a windows machine.

    I have seen other Macbooks with this SSD work without a hitch.
    Ive alreaddy tried to reinstall the ram since three beeps usually mean there is a problem with the ram. But this does not change the situation, HDD works, SSD three beeps.

    What could be the problem?

    I tried repartitioning the SSD on a Imac, worked without problems.
    Put it back in the Macbook, bang, three beeps, put the original HD in, boots just fine.

    This is quite frustrating, both the SSD and the Mac are brand new.
    If I cant solve it myself which do I send back? The Macbook works fine with the original disk, the SSD works fine in any other PC.

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    Feb 17, 2011
    beeps usually indicate hardware problem, you obviously know how to hook it up considering you have on other machines...

    Sata is backwards compatible isn't it? thats the only thing i could think of if its not, if you macbook is sata2
    and the drive is sata3.. not sure just an option to look into

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    Send the Samsung back and buy a "real" SSD from these folks. LINK Samsung drives (both standard and SSD) have been problematic. I wouldn't buy one. (my opinion)

    The Samsung is probably not compatible with your MBP 13" even though it might work in a PC. The three beeps definitely indicate a hardware problem.

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    Nov 22, 2010
    Wink Samsung 830
    I did not have any problem to install the 830 SSD/256 GB in My MBP late 2011. I just formatted it and put it in the machine.
    Maybe you have to look at your Hardware for event. problems or the Samsung can be defect. Change it by your dealer and try. It is not unknown incompatibility for Samsung SSD and Mac.

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    Mar 09, 2011
    could you use an enclosure or adapter to run externally using samsung ssd ? Make sure volume format is extended,
    when you when to erase and get a clean samsung disk.
    copy the internal hd over to external in your case with samsung ssd using ccc carbon copy clone, then boot up from samsung ? see how it works.

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