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    Question MacBook Pro not Showing up on HDTV!?
    So i have a small problem with trying to connect my 2011 13.3 MacBook Pro (i7 version) to my 32" HCT HDTV (is an ATSC +NTSC System, 1080p Input). This is my first attempt to connect my MacBook to an HDTV...

    Today i bought a Belkin Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter and connected it to my MacBook and HDTV.

    When I connected it, all that pops up is the Original Apple wallpaper.
    I can see my dock when i scroll over it.
    But none of my programs are can pull up at all.
    Also, the Apple Bar up top, (Finder, File, Edit etc...) isnt showing.

    -The Resolution is 1280x1080.
    -I have the adapter plugged into my HDMI & Thunderbolt ports.

    I thought that that'd be the only cable i'd need & that'd it'd be quick and simple...
    I'm also guessing that the Mini Display Port to HDMI Adapter isn't the Cable i need?
    Will i need a separate cable for sound too?
    What settings do I need to configure if i need to?
    How do i fix this?

    If anyone can please help me out, I'd appreciate it.


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    Moved here to the correct forum. Does not belong in "Switcher".

    Please read our Sticky post on how to connect your Mac to a TV. LINK

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    apologize about that. thanks

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