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    MacBook (2007 Black Model) Speakers Tweaking?
    Off-Topic: I recently made the switch to my BlackBook from a Windows PC and a Ubuntu Linux laptop. So far I'm very pleased.

    On-Topic: My only problems so far are the built-in speakers like to tweak out at times, making a low buzzing noise over my music, and sometimes cutting off the sound all-together for a few seconds. I noticed that I have to press pause, then press play for it to temporarily stop. My only diagnoses is that I noticed that the speakers are placed in the same place as the heat from the laptop comes out. So maybe the heat is getting to the speakers and making them act out? When I plug in my Turtle Beach headphones (which work fine) they do the same thing at times. I checked my sound preferences and those seem to be okay. I don't have the 'red light' or anything coming from the headphone jack. This just started to happen the more I used my Mac. I try to keep it as cool as I can but the ventilation doesn't seem too good on my model, definitely a different set-up than my past PCs that I'm used to. When I first laid eyes on it I had no clue where the speakers and the vent was!

    If someone out there has experienced this problem (or just a Mac guru) and can help me it would be awesome. The warranty has expired but if it isn't an expensive fix I could take it in and see what they can do. I just want to check with you guys first before I try something!

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    Hello and welcome to the forum.

    Have a look at this first.Apple - Support - 503

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