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    Question Horizontal Scan Lines on Early 2006 Macbook Core Duo 2.0Ghz
    Hello everyone, this is my first post as I have just bought my first mac. Being a bit daft I bought a faulty mac after doing some reading up to see if I could fix it, as I cant quite afford a new one.

    The macbook I have is an early 2006 Core Duo 2.0Ghz running Snow Leopard. The issue it is having is Horizontal Scan lines across the screen. I have done quite a bit of searching about the issue and found a lot of people having it and some people having the problem due to the logic board and some due to the actual LCD itself.

    I was hoping to share my problem as bit more as I dont want to end up buying a LCD and a logic board! When the macbook boots up the scan lines are there and when Mac OS X is running, but if I boot into single user mode or verbose boot there are no scanlines at all.

    Also if I use an external DVI monitor no scanlines at all when set to mirror, so I guess this normally rules out the logic board?

    Also the fact that there are no scanlines in verbose boot makes me wonder if it is the LCD that is faulty?

    Could it be something to do with snow leopard and drivers?

    Or maybe an overheating issue, or the ribbon cable?

    Im just speculating from what I have read and my past PC based experiences, but I was hoping someone with a better knowledge of apple hardware and software could give me their thoughts.

    Sorry for the poor photos

    Many thanks,

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    Going by the information you supplied, It appears that it's the LCD itself that is possibly showing the horizontal lines. Since they don't appear on an external monitor that indicates the GPU and logic board are probably OK.

    The lines appear when the internal monitor is displaying in normal mode and not single user mode because in single user mode the monitor is displaying black and white. If you're a handy person you can change out a LCD yourself. You may be able to get a replacement LCD for less than $200.

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