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    Exclamation Macbook erratic trackpad and stuck on right click! NEED HELP!

    Got a Macbook Unibody, 10.6.8, 2.4GHz, 8GB RAM.

    Basicly it was working fine. I installed a driver for a Tascam audio interface, still working fine for about 2 hours. Took it round to my girlfriends and after a few more hours the pointer started moving around the screen on it's own, clicking only operates the right click function and it will right click on it's own sometimes.

    I've removed the driver and software that came with the Tascam Driver the best I can (Not sure how to do it fully on a Mac, Windows is much better at these things!), I've clean the pad itself and tried 'resetting' it by placing my palm on it for a few seconds. All these things haven't worked.

    USB mouse seems to work ok but even the erratic trackpad will take over sometimes.

    The interface was plugged in via USB and I'm wondering if this could have effected it?

    Any help is much appriciated, it seems like everytime I touch her computer something goes wrong with it!!!

    Oh and no Apple warranty so going to apple ain't an option.

    Many thanks,


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    this happened to me when i got a spot of moisture along the side of the trackpad (i wiped it down with a semi damp cloth). the curser would jump all over. it would randomly click. took about 4 days to dry out and stop. not sure if thats your issue.

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    Thanks for the reply!

    How could you be sure is was moisture? Could you see it?

    I took the back cover off to check the battery, looked ok but couldn't take it out and I know the underside is prone to swelling. (I've ordered a tri-wing drivers to get it out)

    After replacing the cover it was working fine again and has been since.

    Removing the cover my have allowed the battery to move a bit and took the pressure off the track pad. That's still a long shot though.

    It's just strange how this happened after installing the interface, I don't think they are related now.


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