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    MacBook Air won't start up
    Hello everyone...

    My 2009 MacBook air won't start up. When I start it, I get the tone and the apple logo, the spinning gear, and a progress bar. The progress bar eventually moves about 1/5 of the way, stops, and my Mac will shut off.

    I've tried the safe mode start up. Doesn't act any different.

    I've tried the D key on startup. Doesnt do anything different.

    I've tried the pram reset. Doesn't do anything different.

    I was running boot camp before and I can still successfully boot into windows and work normally in there, but I cant boot into my Macintosh hd.

    My Mac is a 2009 model. I am not running Lion. I THINK I am running Snow Leopard...

    Please help.

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    Do you have the MacBook Air external optical drive and your original install DVD? If you do, boot the MBA with the DVD and run Disk Utility direct from the disk to check the hard drive.

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