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    Best inexpensive LCD for my 13" mac book pro
    Hey gang,

    I am new to the Mac world. I bought a Henge docking station and want to get an external monitor. I do light office work sometimes from this laptop and maybe some home photos and movies so it doesn't need to be the best graphics ever. Looking between 20 and 24inch. Anyone know of any good deals out there? Also would you use the DVI converter from Apple or go aftermarket and the the HDMI converter.

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    Almost any good quality monitor will work OK. Shop around in Best Buy, Fry's, Microcenter, etc, and see which one is pleasing to your eyes. You should be able to pick up a nice 22" monitor for around $200 or less. And after market adapters are a lot less expensive than Apple's and work just as well. You might try as they have a wide selection to choose from.

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    Thank you!

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